Why IaM?

InaMinute is a special curation, where only authentic and pure products make the cut

We work as a community-led social enterprise with emphasis on providing earning opportunities for underprivileged and socially affected women and families.

While we provide direct employment to local women, we also create opportunities for local communities like farmers, home entrepreneurs, local producers & bakers, sweet shop owners, etc. and help in bringing their products directly to customers.

Our business model encourages partnerships with locals and helps them to become our partners in growth.

We strive to continuously procure/sell/package products, which are Safe, Environment friendly, Organic, Sustainable and do not violate any ethical norms or Fair-Trade laws. We take special care to ensure that the products that we ship you have as much time before expiry as possible.

As a community conscious retailer and as a policy we do not carry cigarettes, liquor, sweetened aerated drinks and any such harmful products.